Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Sugar Rush)

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Okay, so Pressman innards work a little differently than those of non-enhanced humans.  For instance, their systems run on both electricity and food sources.

A lot of food.  Calorie-dense food.

It’s a perk of the job.

Detail of a section of apple pie

“Librarians,” Reynard said, “have impressive appetites.”

“Pressmen, if you’re a representative example,” I said, indicating his empty, fudge-smeared plate and the two empty sugar dispensers, “eat like eight-year-olds.  I’m surprised you aren’t vibrating right now.”

“Ours is a high energy profession,” Reynard said, with calm dignity, emptying the last of his pot of coffee into his cup.  The waitress appeared with a fresh pot, and he requested a piece of apple pie a la mode.

“Sugar is the quickest bioenergy source, right?” Charlie asked, through a mouthful of onion ring.  “Those implants must take some juice.”


I shared a longer scene including these eight sentences over at Absolute Write a while back and had a nutritionist tell me that she wouldn’t bother to read more this story because I was too ignorant to know that the Pressman couldn’t possibly function  eating crap like this.

My  explanation was that  a) this was one meal;  that b) calories are mere energy sources to a cyborg and essential vitamins were taken care of in other ways;  and that c) Pressmen would gladly trade their health for a good story in a hot minute.

She remained unimpressed.


52 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Sugar Rush)

  1. Oh wow! lol, That is an inherent risk for any author–to have an expert in an area you’ve written, read your work. BUT, sheesh, she needs to learn how to suspend her disbelief. 😉

    Wonderful snippet. Lots of information woven seamlessly into a few sentences. shared smoothly.

  2. I’ve stopped going to most message boards precisely because of people like that. I’ve also been dogpiled in a pitchfest, based on only six lines, by people who thought I couldn’t write historical very well. Some of their “evidence” included how I said Holland instead of The Netherlands. Some people are just looking for nits to pick.

    Ultimately, it’s your story, and you know better than anyone its particular rules. It’s not like you’re violating one of the basic rules of robotics or something. Even non-humans can have a sweet tooth.

    • Thanks, Jess. And seriously, this is why I love the Sixers and the Wewriwas–no one forgets that there’s a bigger picture we may not be seeing.

    • Junk food is a definite bonus of the profession, but I’m not sure I’d want to have recording equipment permanently bonded to my nervous system. Though I do love pie . . . 😀

  3. I’m too annoyed by the nutritionist to respond properly. I’ll bet she’s the type of budinski who lectures the waitress on why croutons have no place at the salad bar.

  4. I like your response to the AW critic. Some people forget this stuff is fun fiction. Like zombies probably wouldn’t need to eat at all cause, like, they’re dead! LOL

  5. Oh, jeez. Fiction isn’t supposed to be exactly like real life–that’s why it’s called fiction! This was a fun snippet and I feel certain I’d much rather read this story than whatever that AW nutritionist writes!

  6. That nutritionist is a total wet blanket. Boring and unimaginative, oh yes.

    This post made me realize that I am mysteriously low energy even while maintaining a nice high sugar consumption. Go figure.

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