All aboard the C8H10N4O2 Espresso!

English: Chemical structure of Caffeine. Franç...

I have no idea whether I’m coming, going, or spinning in circles today.

Part of this is Monday, part is bookbrain—thank GOD—and part, I’m sure, is a severe caffeine imbalance.

I gave up diet Pepsi as my main source three days ago and haven’t figured out how to compensate, yet..

Turns out carbonation isn’t the best thing to put in one’s body, at least not in the quantities I was mainlining.  Plus, while I wasn’t spending as much per week as the average Starbucks groupie, this stuff ain’t cheap.*

Tea is my favorite alternative, but it’s not as readily available in restaurants or at work, at least in the quantities I use  to keep the withdrawal gnomes at bay and the migraine fairy from nailing me with the icepick,  so I’m also experimenting with . . . and I can’t believe I’m saying this . . . coffee.

That’s right.  After forty-cough years of not drinking coffee—of, in fact, making a point about not drinking coffee**—I’ve gone to the dark-roast side.***

Sort of.

I don’t really have the knack of it, yet.

This morning, around 5:30, when all good decisions are made, I tried to make a drinkable cup of pumpkin spice specialty roast  with Watson’s ceramic filter thingie and see if it was drinkable.

Okay, it wasn’t a cup, it was a mug.

Okay, not just a mug,but my Ohio Renaissance Festival 24-ounce mug that I’m used to filling with carbonated, aspertamed love.

Except I didn’t use enough coffee because I can’t do math before caffeine, so it was really watery.  I drank it anyway, because pumkin spice-flavored water isn’t so bad and it was warm and I wasn’t paying that much attention because bookbrain.

It wasn’t until I was already halfway through the travelmug I’d brought to work that  I realized I’d already sucked down the equivalent of two fairly strong cups of coffee.

I’m not a caffeine lightweight . . . but that’s a lot at once.

The day started to blur after that.  Or maybe it was me.

It was probably me.  It probably still is.

So this is as much post as I can sit still enough to do at the moment and I have no idea if it’s in English or Hyperactive.

Leave a comment and let me know—I’ll read ’em after the screen stops vibrating.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just bring a handful of teabags to work . .  .


*Also, carbonation may be the life of the soft beverage party, but there’s no denying it  also supplies  the   balloonage and noisemakers, if you know what I mean.  It’s a gas is what I’m saying.  And that’s all I’m going to say, thanks.

**Though I recently admitted that I can see the attraction.

***Yes, Averil and josey, you can tell me you told me so.