Random Thursday: Like Gas Through a Unicorn, so are the Days of Our Lives . . .

It’s Random Thursday!

Have some Random!


You Count

Well, technically, he Count . . .

 . . . . but you do, too.  Yes, you do!


I Still Got It

Jane rushed into the kitchen, where I was playing Tetris with our dishwasher  and skidded to a halt .  “Mom! Mom! Mom! Can we watch TV?”

“Sure,” I said, wedging in a glass.  “Just don’t turn it on, okay?”

Television set for Wikipedia userbox icons, or...

“Okay!  Thanks!”  She rushed away.

My husband stared grinning.  “Did she hear what you—“

“Wait for it.”

One . . . two . . . three . . .

“Wait, what?  Mo-OMMM!!!”


For Lyra

She knows why . . .

Unicorn Farts

 . . . or I hope so, because if she doesn’t, I have some explaining to do . . .


The City of Wessonville

I brought home a Powerpuff Girls DVD from the library last week for Jane, who had seen a lunchbox or something and wanted to know more about them.

For those of you who have no idea what a Powerpuff Girl might be when she’s at home, here’s the deal:

Yeah, I know, but it’s oddly addictive.

Jane  liked them, but it’s Sunny who became an instant, rabid fan.

Last night, I told her the DVD needed a break, so she played in her room.  I heard growling at one point, so I checked:

mojo jojo

“What are you playing?”

“Powerpuffs.  Bubbles is fighting Mojo Jojo.”

“Is Bubbles winning?” I asked, thinking that there was some resemblance.

“No, I am,” she said, striking a pose.  “For I am MOOOOJO JOJO!!”

Okay, then.


Mission Totally Possible

Anyone remember Cello Wars?

The Piano Guys—and Lindsey Stirling—take on my favorite theme song of all time:



7 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Like Gas Through a Unicorn, so are the Days of Our Lives . . .

  1. I googled it and she sells it on Etsy. I so want to order it but…seems kind of weird to order something we put on our lips and I mean, I don’t know her or how she makes the stuff. Hmmmm.
    In other news, The Power Puffs! We have a stuffed-up (middle kid named them and it stuck) of Bubbles maybe? Might need to hunt her down and mail her to the Wesson family. I’m sure you don’t have enough stuffed-ups there, right?? She’s only maybe eight inches tall or so. Now if only I can find her…

    • I know, but I couldn’t resist the name!

      We have more stuffed creatures than FAO Schwartz ever imagined, but we don’t have Bubbles—Sunny’s making do with Boo from Monsters, Inc..

  2. Random Thursday. What a great idea. And Powder Puff Girls. God, I remember them. Never liked my daughter watching them. They gave me the creeps to be honest. But Unicorn Farts…now you’re talking!

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