Much Ado about Something

Get this:

To wind down from making The Avengers (one of my favorite movies), Joss Whedon (one of my favorite writer/director/producers) gathered his friends (many, many of my favorite actors) to do his own contemporary version of Much Ado About Nothing (one of my favorite Shakespearean plays) in his own house.

And it’s not even my birthday.  Though it will be by the time it’s released.

The cast list is like a game of Name that Whedonverse Alum:
Reed Diamond is Don Pedro.

Fran Kranz is Claudio

Clark Gregg is Leonato.

Nathan Fillion is Dogberry.

And Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof—as Beatrice and Benedick—will finally get together, after their tragically brief romance in Angel.

Here’s the trailer:

I watched this three times and did the squee thing every single time.

And then I noticed that Joss Whedon talked about it at the Glasgow Film Festival.  I particularly liked his four reasons why working with a Shakespeare text is so awesome (around 1:45), especially the last one.

Okay, we’ve got to get a group together to see this—who’s with me?


15 thoughts on “Much Ado about Something

    • Isn’t it?

      I can’t wait to see this interpretation—from the trailer, it looks like there might be a twist with the Margaret/Borachio deception . . . And I’m intrigued by the handgun . . .

  1. Oh! Pick me! This is definitely one of my all-time favorite Shakespeare plays. I’ve seen so many versions I’ve lost track. And who wouldn’t want to see a Joss Whedon home movie?

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