Poetry Wednesday: The art of genesis

Some of you may remember my post last week in which I bragged about my five-year- old’s artistic talent like the doting, biased Mommy that I am.

A day or so later, John R. Shaw, who is a terrifically talented poet, told me he’d written an ekphrastic* poem about one of Sunny’s paintings.

Aboriginal Sunny Art

The poem is called ” genesis” and it’s stunning. And I’m absolutely certain I would be stunned even if my own child’s imagination wasn’t the inspiration for it.

Click the image to visit John’s blog and read it.

And then stay there for a while and read the rest of his stuff—I recommend this one and this one (and this one)in particular, but if you find another one that you especially like, please come back and let me know!


*A fancy word for describing or commenting on a visual work of art.  I’d heard the word before, about music—Pictures at an Exhibition, anyone?—but not in poetry.  I’m planning on working it into a conversation at least once a day until the novelty wears off.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Wednesday: The art of genesis

  1. Wow. Thanks Sarah. I am glad that you feel the poem is worthy of the artwork that inspired it. And thanks for the featured spot on Wednesday too!

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