Random Thursday: At a Snail’s Pace

It’s Random Thursday!  

I’m feeling much better for my day off  but I think I’ll take it slow . . . 


This is What Shows Up in Your Inbox

when you tell Kev you’re feeling sluggish:

(thanks, Kev—I needed that)



Hawkstalk is my favorite, though Captain (Escargo) Américain is a close second.


I found the image through crochetallthethings on Tumblr, but Laura Partridge of FallenDesigns sells them—and some seriously geekchic scoodies*—on Etsy.


Slow and Steady . . .

The final image is hilarious, but it’s the airbrakes that tickle me the most:


And This is What Shows Up

when Watson reads your Monday rant:

Heartfelt Dedication

(Yep, needed that, too—thanks, Watson)


The Race

There’s a metaphor or analogy in here somewhere, I’m sure, but I was laughing too hard to pay attention.


*Hooded scarf.  The Loki one has horns.