Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Focus)

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I’m skipping over a description of Charlie’s apartment (sort of Literate Bachelor Chic) in favor of Clyota’s recap of current events. 

I may back up next week, since I also skipped a partial explanation of why Librarians are armed to the teeth in this alternate timeline and also a cat, but I want to go over it again to make sure it makes sense—because y’all won’t let me get away with anything around here. 

Plus this bit fit nicely into eight sentences, so here ’tis:

Cyborg Eye

I told him about the Lieutenant’s messages, his death, my arrest and release—the whole thing, except for an embarrassing personal reaction or two—until I came to the part about checking into the Holiday Inn. 

I stopped and looked at Reynard, who had been recording my recitation from several angles without interruption. 

“Don’t stop at a closed hotel room door,” said Charlie, an edge to his voice.  “That’s such a cliché.”

“This next part isn’t mine to tell.  We can skip over it,” I added to Reynard.  “Your call.”

The lens turned its focus to Charlie, who focused back.