Random Thursday: Time Suck of Thrones and some Educated Eggdicators

It’s Random Thursday so I’m shelling out (HEY-o!) my new favorite Time Suck, some questionable Latin, and some eggcellent yolks.

Yeah, I don’t know, either, but ab absurdum seems to cover it . . . 


House Time Suck

I don’t have HBO and for several reasons—only one of which involves Sean Bean’s inevitable death—I think I’m going to give Game of Thrones a miss, though it’s nearly impossible to avoid memes and mentions if you spend more than five minutes online.

But I’ll admit the House Sigils are pretty cool. And that I spent several hours quite some time on Join the Realm making up my own:

House Wesson Alt

And if you really want to lose an hour or two, google “Funny Latin Phrases.”

Ego te provoco.


Not Eggsactly

Jada Swissiedog is suffering from tummy troubles, and has been put on a rice-and-boiled-egg-based diet.

The other day, Watson was boiling a batch of eggs while she made dinner for the rest of us.

Jane came in. “Ooo, can I have an egg?”

“No,” Watson said.  “The humans are having chicken.”

“Oh.” Jane thought a minute. “Then can I have one of the younger chickens?”

Deutsch: Ei in Eierbecher


Concordia Discors

House Samiam


If the Ovum Fits . . . 



“If Easter Bunnies ever create their own government, will they have a Lettuce-lative Branch?”

“You mean to balance the Egg-secutive?”

“Mooom!  You’re such a nerd.”

English: Rabbit shape Français : Silhouette d'...


Cacoethes Internet

House Wifi


In Which Breakfast is Eggsplained

In Which Breakfast is Eggsplained
And you can’t have any—they’re for the dog.


And We Have a Winner!

Because Janie helped . . .

House Sarah2