Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Camel Chiropractic)

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Happy Easter, Merry Sunday, and/or Fabulous Rabbit-shaped Breakfast Chocolate Day—your choice!

In honor of the holiday, early choir practice, two Easter Egg Hunts, and a family birthday party, I’m just skipping over maybe one sentence from last week and laying down eight more about our dear Gladys and how she helped revolutionize the library system after the violent chaos that followed the Second Civil War.

And also providing an image of one smug-looking camel:

English: Dromedary camel in outback Australia,...

“The gang never touched a single Patron, never touched a single book,” Charlie said, “and instead of giving her a word of thanks for defending both, would you believe she was arrested for firing a gun within the city limits and for wounding three of the gang?” 

He shook his head.  “After all the assaults and murders of staff, the destruction of library buildings, the burning of materials that was happening all over the country—“

“Not all of it was directed specifically at libraries,” I said, trying to put out a righteous fire with a teaspoon of reason.  “It was a bad time for everyone.”

“—after all that, Gladys Breitbaum was incarcerated for defending herself, her library and her patrons.  It was the final slap in the face that broke the dromedary’s lumbar region, to mix metaphors.  Leonard Stratton called her ‘the little lady who started the Paradigm Revolution.”


I’ll probably be visiting everyone a little later than usual, what with everything that’s going on and the sad fact that teleportation is still fictional.  If I slip into a chocolate fugue, it may be later still . . . or possibly earlier, considering the sugar rush.  We’ll see how it goes!