Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Thesis)

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Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented here over the past few Sundays!  Here’s one more section to briefly (ha!) explain the Library system in Clyota’s world—and Charlie’s enthusiasm about it—before we move on:

Library SWAT

“The Paradigm Revolution is Library Speak for the events that gave Libraries their autonomy under the reorganized American Library Academy,” Charlie said. “Once we seized control of the ‘Net, we had unlimited funds and an unlimited knowledge base.”

“Which we keep by the use of unlimited high-powered weaponry,” I added, grinning, “and the Code of Ethics.”
“Not just Serve,” Charlie said, turning to his shelves, “but Serve and Protect. Stratton was the first President of the new ALA. I have a biography or two around here somewhere . . .”

“You’ll have to forgive him,” I told the Pressman. “He did his thesis on all this.”