Something Unexpected

This is how the conversation went:

“Honey? I just . . . something just happened.”


“I think . . . I think I like a New Kids on the Block song.  And the video.  One of their new ones.”

“. . .”

“You’re thinking about looking up Illinois divorce forms, aren’t you.”


“Look, come listen to it.  Or I can send you a link.”

“No.  No, I’ll listen on yours.”

“Okay.  Here.”

Four minutes and ten seconds later:  “Oh.  Wow. This is . . .”

“I know.

I’ve never been a New Kids fan, even back in the day when it was age appropriate (if taste questionable) for me to like boy bands.    And I can’t say I like their slow stuff any more than I did then, but this one song really works for me.

I’m sure Artemis Pebdani, amazing actress and fearless dancer, has a lot to do with my appreciation—in fact, if it hadn’t been for her, my friend liligriff wouldn’t have sent it to me and I wouldn’t have bothered watching it.

But she did and I did and now “Remix (I Like The)” is on my work-out playlist.  And on my blog.

Give it a try—it’s actually worth dealing with the ad in the beginning:

A music video showing a real woman deciding to celebrate herself exactly the way she is.

Now that’s unexpected.