Something Driving

I confess that I was going to share the amazing Dove advertisement about our misperceptions of our own appearances—but several hundred people beat me to it.

But that’s okay, because I found a video* of fifteen-year old Noah St. John explaining a misperception of his own—one that had me reaching for the tissue box and smiling at the same time:



You have until Midnight (CST) tonight
to enter
the Libraries (and Librarians) are Awesome Poetry Contest!

Write a poem and get your name put in the Hat of Win
for an Amazing Prize Drawing.
(which isn’t a drawing of an amazing prize, I promise)

It’s that easy.

Details are here!


*On Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, from whence many excellent videos and book reviews come.


10 thoughts on “Something Driving

    • I had goosebumps. I think most of us spin these kinds of nightmare What If stories . . . The relief when/if they don’t actually happen is palpable.

  1. The Dove commercial, it shoud be pointed out, still uses young, blonde, white women as the standard of beauty… Nobody under forty? The only Asian woman shwn fom behind? Look at that commercial again, and it’s overloaded with younger white women. No diversity, so what’s the standard of beauty displayed?

    It’s a good start, but still short-sighted. Disappointed in it.

    • Um. I re-watched it, and while there are several white women, true, there are also two black women and a woman who (to me) appears Hispanic—and I saw the Asian woman’s face several times?

      Did I link to the wrong video?

      • Maybe they’ve redone it in response to the lack of diversity criticism. The women chosen for the media interviews were all blondes too.

        Just think it’s not as powerful as everyone thinks, is all.

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