Good News from Bo’s Cafe!

I survived yesterday—I almost didn’t make it home, since the low roads are under water, random sections of the high road have sprouted orange barrels in a somewhat premature Ode to Spring, and the unofficial motto of our area has always been “You can’t get there from here.”*

But I did eventually find my way back, though I was so beat I completely forgot about the leftover birthday cake that I’d planned as a reward for making it through.**

Let me tell you, when I’m so out of it, I forget cake . . .

But some good things came from the pathos.  My friend has accepted my apologies for forgetting her birthday—whew! Many of you offered to take on the pain of next Monday for me—I accept, by the way. And our brilliant Downith added a two word comment to yesterday’s post that should keep me, uh, fundamentally balanced until I absolutely can’t put off a shopping trip to Ye Olde Torture Chamber the lingerie store.

But the real credit for breaking the Curse of Monday goes to Wayne E. Pollard, who sent me some wonderful news:

His webcomic, Bo’s Cafe Life, about which I’ve gushed here before, made Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best websites for writers!


If you’ve missed any of the previous gushing, Wayne’s brainchild is a deceptively simple comic that offers a sincere, sweet, cynical, painfully realistic and always hilarious look at the writing business and the business of writing.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a blogger (and ouch, Wayne, really):


A poet:

A writer of fiction (or just of a certain age):


Or . . . all of us:


I’ve accused Wayne of following me around more than once . . . But that’s only fair, since I plan to follow the Cafe gang for as long as he keeps posting.

Go look through the archives—and share a link to your favorite in the comments!

*A couple of years ago, at the city-logo brainstorming session, someone suggested “A Great Place to get Lost.” It made the top five.

**So I planned to have it for breakfast—don’t judge me, it beats small cellophane baggies of fortune cookie crumbs from my purse—and forgot again.  I may be coming down with something . . .


10 thoughts on “Good News from Bo’s Cafe!

  1. Is it wrong I’m still laughing about your Monday?? I’m sorry, ahem, horrible, yes, horrible stuff.
    Okay, but the duct tape was a stroke of sheer genius.
    Other than that, I adore Bo’s cafe although it makes me worry that he is reading our minds…
    maybe too many birthday parties on this end as well. I’m getting a bit paranoid…

    • It’s not wrong, it’s much appreciated, Lyra!

      Wayne is clearly reading our minds—I’ve given up worrying about it.

      And it’s not paranoia if you stayed up until midnight baking a birthday cake! 😀

  2. How wonderful for Wayne! I love Bo’s Cafe Life, especially when I read a particularly harsh one that makes me say “Damn!” in my head.

    I’ve been so far behind in my blog reading that I still have 8 Bo’s Cafe entries left in my RSS feed, and this is the first I’ve heard of his good news. Good for him!

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