Random Thursday: “HIchop!” “Gesundheit!”

I’m home sick today with a sore throat and the general muscle aches and fever that have been going around the library, so if things get even more surreal around here than the usual Thursday oeuvre, that’s my excuse.

I’ll probably be fine by tomorrow, but just in case, does anyone know if the burning of sage wards off strep throat?  


First, a Poll

If you read this blog through a feed, could I ask you to drop in and take a look at what I’ve done with the place?

While I loved the old theme, it simply wasn’t wide enough for some of the things I wanted to do, so I searched for a couple of days until I found this one.  It has most of the features I wanted, but it might be a little . . . too much?

Whaddaya think?

Be honest—I can take it.

Suggestions are also welcome, though mean ones will be severely mocked.


I See a Scary Silhoutte of a Hut

Bohemian Cantina

Oola-girl, Oola-girl, better dance the fandango!
Rancor hatch is widening—very very frightening  me . .  .

No, seriously, if you’re secure enough in your love of Star Wars to embrace intelligent parodies—as opposed to my sad efforts—check out Blue Milk Special.

They know what they’re doing and they snark with such love.


Separated by Uncommon Language

Separated by a Common Langauge

Hey, Downith? What do Canadians say?


The Federation has Mondays, too

Worth it for the Red Shirts alone . . . 

The Bad Days series is part of Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, which explains the cameo . . . sort of.

(psst, Mike: try Superman—the bit around 1:08 reminded me of you)


Brief Actual News

The winner of the Libraries are Awesome poetry contest will be announced tomorrow!

Sorry for the delay—it’s been a heck of a week.

Whatever Clock


Trekkies, represent

Dude . . . there are no words.  ‘Cause I can’t speak Klingon.

But Jen Usellis can:

As Jane said, “It’s a very [scurfing up a giant loogey sound] language, isn’t it?”

Yes. Yes, it is.


18 thoughts on “Random Thursday: “HIchop!” “Gesundheit!”

  1. I have heard burning sage wards off much evil, yes. I tried it once but the smell made me sick. Bunker down and feel better!

      • I love the color, by the way, it’s just that I like the stuff on the right to be demarcated better because I have stark raving ADD and my brain shuts down when I can’t figure out the order of things. This is why I tell my students to break things into smaller paragraphs. But that’s just me being whiny. As usual.

        • i wish the sidebar was better delineated, too—the previous posts are all jammed together—but I’m too cheap to fork out the money to get the “advanced customization” package.

          You’re not whiny. You’re particular. There’s a difference.

  2. I like the new theme. As long as it’s black or grey text on white, I’m happy. White text on black is a surefire migraine trigger for me.

    Feel better soon, chickadee.

  3. Oh man, Sarah. Will your week of horrors ever end??
    Feel better my dear, and I like the red. It’s the color I’m thinking about painting the house…

    • It wasn’t broken, but it was too narrow.

      (I owe you a couple of phone calls, I know . . . Hey, the house next door just went on the market—and your grandkids really miss you)

  4. I thought the red was bothering me, but then I realized it’s the white, contrasting with the red. My issue, though; I know I’m sensitive to bright colors and lights. Staring too long makes my eyes hurt, and because of the whole photo-editing thing, I can’t change the brightness on my monitor, not if I want accurate edits. Like I said, my issue.

    Blue Milk Special led to about 2 hours of time lost. Not just there on that site, though. I got distracted – THAT never happens – and wandered off to other sites, ending up on Cracked, then back here so I could finish the post.

    Pie chart took me a minute. I’m a little slow, sometimes. Considering how much BBC America and PBS I watch, though, it’s kinda sad.

    The cameo is random, but it does make some sense. Spaceballs, alien bursts out of whatsisname and dances across the lunch counter like that frog in a Looney Tunes cartoon spanning a hundred years. So obvious…

    I once translated “You Are My Sunshine” to French. Not quite the same challenge, I suppose.

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