Libraries (and Librarians) are All That Poetry Contest Winner!

I’m still sneezing hard enough to peel an esophagus and generally feeling like the virus that hit me was driving a cement truck, but I’m lucid enough to know that I’ve been remiss in not declaring a winner sooner than this—I’m sorry again for the delay!

Librarian!There were eight entries in this particular Contest—four by comments and four via e-mail—which is a terrific turnout and I thank you all for both playing along and for the lovely compliments you made to libraries and those who run ’em on your behalf.

I couldn’t find the Pink Cowgirl Hat of Win—sadly, it may have passed out of our lives during the last Cleaning of Playroom—but Sunny’s Cubs Hat of Maybe Next Year worked just fine.

Special Recognition goes to Mike A., whose poem was a huge hit with our library pages; indyclause, who was put int the Hat twice because she managed to include Nantucket in a seemly manner; Kev, who was almost taken out of the hat for not managing the seemly; lilligriff, because she’s awesome; Lisa Blackman for making me cry (again, sheesh); Wandarer for working that rhyme scheme; ; senojeiram, whose poem contains everything  I love about libraries; and anonymice for a terrific sonnet that I wish s/he’d let me share.

But there can only be one winner because I run these things on a librarian’s budget, so—

The winner of the $20 gift certificate to Amazon  is


Let me know where to send it, and I’ll do so!