Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Overwhelmed)

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I’m skipping over what the data pocket held, because that’s kind of the point of the story, and going straight to Clyota’s reaction.    

I’m sure Charlie’s really glad he followed her to the bathroom . . .  


“This is going to sound stupid, but are you okay?” His voice was gentle, and kind, and exactly what I didn’t need right then.

I shook my head. “No,” I said, as the lights went bright through the hot, unshed tears that were suddenly glazing my eyes. “No, I’m not okay. I haven’t been okay for so—” I buried my face in the towel and, to my horror, began to cry. Not pretty tears, but great wrenching bursts that hurt like hell.

Immediately, Charlie was there, and I was sobbing so hard, so loudly, that I couldn’t do anything but hang onto him as three years of packed-down misery and twenty-nine years of resentment, pride, betrayal, and love welled up and had their say.


25 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Overwhelmed)

  1. Ugh. I was right there with her. Lovely descriptions of all the emotions that go into a cry like that. Love this snippet!

  2. Yep you got a lot packed into a small space. I can just feel how helpless the situation has made her. Gotta feel sorry for somebody who’s hurting that much.

  3. well done. i can see her hanging onto charlie.

    i was thinking of you this morning while watching CBS’s Sunday Morning. They did a bit on the Library of Congress and showed the 6500 books that was a portion of Thomas Jefferson’s private library (it was the books left after many were burned when the British burned our capitol). Did you know that once you’re appointed the Director of the Library of Congress position you get to keep it for a lifetime? Ultimate tenure, yes?

    • Oh, I missed it! I knew about the Jefferson library—it’s rumored that the best books were lost.

      And yep—just like the Pope, but without the infallibility. 😀

  4. Oh, oh, oh, oh. I want to say something witty and profound and all of that about how much I love this snippet, but instead I will just say oh, oh, oh again. And have I said how much I love the title?

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