Something Fourthful

First, a gentle reminder from your Emperor:

And a very quick reminder from the rest of us:*

Except maybe it should have ended like this?

And fourthly, this one again, because it’s just that awesome:

May the Fourth be with you, my friends—
Right now, in this galaxy right here.


*You know, there are worse examples of synopses out there, if, like me, you struggle with ’em.


6 thoughts on “Something Fourthful

  1. May the fifth be with y– Oh, dammit.

    Um. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    These movies were amazing. As I had not yet seen any of the Star Wars Prequels, I am most especially grateful for the three-minute Lego recap.

    • I’d save your time and money and stick to the LEGOs for the prequels, Mike.

      Except for some admittedly cool scenes, which are mostly on YouTube now, anyway, they aren’t really worth it.

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