Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Emotional Hook)

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I’m really pleased at the reaction people are having to the bits I’m sharing of this story—especially last week, when my badass librarian warrior not only fell apart, but let someone else hold her together for a little while.    Thank you all so much for your comments!

This passage is separated from last Sunday’s by a sentence I decided to cut anyway.

Blue Cyber-hook

Charlie handed me a wet cloth and I pressed it against my hot, swollen face for a long moment, before letting him pull me to my feet and lead me out of the bathroom.

Reynard was leaning against the opposite wall.

“I hope you got all that,” I told him, almost too wrung out to stand. “Good emotional hook.”

“Alas,” he said, touching the side of his lens, “a missed opportunity.”

I blinked at him, then realized that there was no glow from the red lights on his implants. I reached out and touched his arm. “Thank you.”