Playing Iron Man Hooky

I had the day off today and while I did spent the morning on my WIP, thank you, I completely blew off writing a blog post this morning to go see Iron Man 3 at the $5.00 early matinee with Watson.

I’d apologize for being so late, but honestly?  I regret nothing.

For once, the trailers and posters actually didn’t spoil the best parts of this movie and I’m not about to start here—if you want a discussion of plot, find a real review or e-mail me.

Iron Man PosterBut I will say that one of the reasons Tony Stark is among my favorite superheroes is that while he surrounds himself with self-built Deus ex Machinas—which is an important point in the movie—he himself is as flawed as a genius billionaire, former-playboy, philanthropist with the requisite crappy childhood—resulting in the usual high ego/low self-esteem— can be.

For every moment that his technology saves the day in a brilliant display, there are two that send him flying backwards into the wall, propelled by premature calculation syndrome and a highly amused law of physics.

And then, he picks himself up and fixes the problem.  Even when the problem is himself.  Even when he doesn’t have the first clue how to start.

like that in a hero, even if that hero isn’t channeled through the brilliant Robert Downey, Jr.

Watson says that I watch movies with my entire being, and I’ll admit that there were several points in this movie where I laughed out loud, gasped, and/or whispered things from Awwww! to Called it! to BOO-yah! to  Wait, What?!  No WAY!

And, in one shining moment that may be a tiny bit of a spoiler, Holy cow—forty-TWO!

I invite you, after you watch this movie, to guess when that was.*

I won’t say the movie is perfect, because it isn’t.  But it’s close, and it’s fun and it’s acted brilliantly by almost everyone.  It’s also a reminder that while the worst villains create the best heroes, it works the other way around, too, and Iron Man is still paying the price for being pre-revelation Tony Stark.

Plus, it has some of my favorite characters being themselves, or even better.  Any movie where Pepper is allowed to be more than a . . . well, spoilers, sweetie, so never mind, but JARVIS**  is as perfectly snarky as a literal Deus ex Machina is allowed to be.  Even Happy, who frankly deserves better from this franchise than to be the plucky, ineffective sidekick, has his moments.

It’s definitely worth seeing more than once, even if that means skipping a blog post or two.

So there.

Now go see it already so I can talk about it.  Okay?


*There’s also a puppy-in-serious-danger moment, early on, that hurt my stomach, because I am that big a Marvel fangirl.   you are invited to e-mail me about that one, too.

**On whom I’m braincrushing like whoa, though that’s partially Paul Bellamy’s fault.