K.I.D.S.* to the Rescue: Securing Mom

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In the car to school yesterday morning:

Me: Do you have your seatbelts on?

Jane: Yes, but Sunny doesn’t.

Sunny:  Yes, I do.  I just clicked it. Do you, Mommy?  I didn’t hear it.

Me:  Yes, but it didn’t make a loud sound.

Jane:  Oh, no!  Mom’s not secure!

Mysterious FaceMe: What?  No, I—

Jane:  She’s been compromised!  We have to secure her!

Me: Um . . . How?

Jane (opening her homework folder):  Let’s see . . .  Brown hair—check!  Black jacket—check!  Huge purse—check!

Sunny (in her super-serious, squirrel-breathing-helium voice):  Roger that, sir!

(a short pause in which I almost pull over)

Jane: Double extreme laughing—check!

Sunny:  Double check!

Me (getting myself under control):  Where did you get all this?

Jane:  We’re professionals, Agent Mom.

??????????Sunny:  Yeah.  Proffeskinals.  What’s in my ear?

Me:  Your pigtail holders have butterflies, remember?

Sunny:  No, Janie put something—

Jane:  Those are our comm ear things.

Sunny:  Ohhhh.  So you can hear me?

Jane:  Well . . . You’re right there, but if you weren’t, yeah.  Favorite color, green?

Me:  Yes.

Jane:  Favorite food—

Sunny: Hot dogs!

This image shows tree brussel sprouts.

Jane:  Not you—Mom.

Sunny:  Oops!  Um, Brusskel sprouts!

Both kids:  Ewwwww!

Jane:  That’s her all right.

Me:  We’re here.  Everybody out!

Jane (getting out of the car):  You’ve been secured, Mom!  Congratulations!

Sunny:  Hooray, Mom!

Me:  Thanks—I could use a little security.  And hugs.

And I got them, too.


* Kids Imagining Dauntless  Stuff