News Flash from The Sunny!


“Look,  look!?”

“Hey!  You’re missing something!”

“No, it’s right here in my hand, see?”


“I’m a big girl now.”

“Oh, yeah?  Who told you that you were allowed to grow up?”

“I told myself, Mommy.”

“Okay . . . . Can I still call you peanut?”

Sigh. “Yes.”


4 thoughts on “News Flash from The Sunny!

    • I’ll pass that along, Lisa—right now, she’s trying to stay up so she can meet the tooth fairy.

      At this rate, I think the ol’ TF is going to have to make an early morning visit instead . . . .

      • What’s the going rate these days? My husband and I have an ongoing debate about the fair market value of teeth, and whether they still have value if swallowed.

        • First tooth is a dollar, subsequent teeth are fifty cents.

          Lost teeth are double, for a limited time—Jane took advantage and received a Cease and Desist order from the TF by her third ‘missing’ tooth.

          Swallowed teeth are considered lost, as no one wants to go there.

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