Something MARVELous!

Coulson Lives.

That is all.

Okay, yeah, that’s not all.

For the last three years, the only television show I’ve watched that hasn’t been in passing and/or aimed at a demographic at least thirty years younger than mine was Leverage, may it rest in peace. It was the sole reason I broke down and added a DVR to our cable service is so I wouldn’t miss a single episode once my meager collection of VHS tapes started to disintegrate.*

I adored that show because it had strong writing, good acting, definite direction, characters I believed in and cared about, and a sense of humor that balanced the serious.

From the trailers and interviews, Agents of SHIELD looks to be the same.

Plus it has Clark Gregg, Joss Whedon, and the rights to (most of) the MARVELverse.



*Including our wedding video. Hey, I was only checking.


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