Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Eye for Lunch)

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We Interrupt this Scheduled WeWriWas Post to wish you all a 

Very Happy Sleep in Until Seven Because Your 10-Year Old is Staying With a Friend
And Your 6-Year Old Isn’t a Morning Person Day!!

Sleepy Kitty

Best.  Holiday. Ever.


About twelve hours in Book Time™ have passed since the last snippet, including a  plot point that just tried to stab Clyota in the heart again.  After her reaction the last time this happened, her apparently air of calm—is confusing Charlie.

He doesn’t get that there’s only so much sturm und drang one person can take before it cancels itself out . . . at least temporarily.

Radar image of Tropical Storm Allison in June ...

You’re hungry?”  For the first time since I’d met him, he sounded confused.  “Why—I mean—”

“Why aren’t I diving head first into your toilet right now?”  I shook my head.  “I don’t know.  Maybe I’m too goddamned angry, maybe it’s been too long since breakfast, or maybe I’m in emotional overload—I’ll check with my shrink later.  But right now, while I’m sitting here in the eye of insanity, I’d just like to think about lunch.”


38 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Eye for Lunch)

  1. I’m with her. When it gets too much, I settle on the simple and familiar. Food works, so do books. 😉 Great snippet, Sarah.

    • That attitude has changed a little since the story’s start, Gem. Use to be, she assumed she deserved those lemons. ‘Course, now, she’s using ’em as weaponry. 🙂

  2. Since I’m coming in at the end of the day, I have nothing original to say! Loved the dialogue between the two–loved her strength–and I agree with what everyone else said. 🙂

  3. The hungrier I get, the more irritated I become. And more likely that if you keep talking to me, I’ll bite off your head… literally 😉 I totally sympathize with her. Can’t think, must eat 😀 Nice 8!

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