“Be All of Your Selves”

Joss Whedon delivered a humorous, thought-provoking, and violently wind-tossed commencement speech to Wesleyan University graduates a few days ago.

I wish someone had told me this stuff at my commencement—or during any of twelve or so commencement speeches I witnessed either in cap and gown or in the bassoonist’s chair with the “Pomp & Circumstance” pit crew.  At the very least, I wish each of those speeches had been as brief.

But I suppose at the time, Mr. Whedon was just figuring it out himself:

The transcript is here, if you’d like to read along.


7 thoughts on ““Be All of Your Selves”

  1. I think if I’d heard this at any commencement address prior to my 30th birthday, I’d have heard “You can change the world,” and nothing more. Well, that and “…mulch.”

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