Something In a World . . .

I’ve always admired voice actors (Kevin Conroy, Cree Summer and Clancy Brown, anyone?)—heck, if my voice didn’t bring to mind a happily drunk frog hiding in a foghorn, I would have loved to be one.

But I never noticed how few female narrators there are in movie trailers—in fact,  I can’t think of a single trailer with a female narrator who isn’t a member of the cast.  It never even occurred to me to pay attention to this.

But Lake Bell noticed.  And she’s  written and directed and acted in a movie about it that looks as thought-provoking as it is funny:

I completely agree with that last line.

Who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “Something In a World . . .

  1. Gahh thank you for bringing this to my attention! If I had to describe my voice in seven words, I would say that I sounded like a baby farting wasps in a wind tunnel 🙂 This, however, did not prevent me from going through a podcast phase in college. But it sure did affect quality control because I couldn’t stand to listen to myself and thus never edited.

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