Happy Birfday to Moi

Birthday Bouquet

It’s been a pretty good birthday so far.

The day started with birthday hugs from two sleepy kids, a beautiful hand-picked bouquet from my dear friend firstmausi—in image form, since her garden is roughly 4,500 miles from my house—and several birthday e-mails and Facebook comments that were remarkably light on the elder-abuse.

Breakfast brought me birthday cards, gift certificates,* the desk lamp I asked for,** and handmade soap my husband found on his last trip to Chicago.  And more hugs, of course.

Before I clocked in this morning, I printed and mailed my Pigeons stuff to The Midwest Writers Workshop,*** and figured out how to print one of Sunny’s stories into a little booklet without swearing too loudly much trouble. 

Hitting a deadline and conquering MS Word?  Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday.

Aaaaand I was challenged to a Poem-Off by none other than indy clause herself, who thinks I should start posting verses from the Twenty-First Century—late Twentieth, tops.  I’m treating it as a special birthday gift. 

I mean, knowing someone cares enough to kvetch about my poetry posts?  Priceless.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings—besides patrons, since I’m working the evening shift tonight.

And I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, too. 

Maturity maybe?

Yeah . . . me neither.


It’s also the week of my blogoversary:  Three years and 961 posts, including this one. 

I was even freshly pressed last month—and though my stats have settled into something a bit less mind-blowing, the follower number refuses to drop, even though I’m pretty sure at least half of  y’all are actually reading my posts.

Some of you have even been kind enough to hit the like button on occasion and maybe comment or drop me an e-mail—or send me really weird things for Random Thursday. 

Thank you all so much!



*Which I may use to buy a new Bag of All Holding, since my current one is finally starting to shred wear at the straps.

**I recently moved my writing space form the dining room table back to the  rolltop desk in my bedroom.  It’s quieter and a tad more organized, but there’s no overhead light back there, and we old people are highly suspicious of staring at lit pixels in dim light.  Plus, I can’t see the keyboard.

***Where I’ll be rooming with the amazing Sherry Stanfa-Stanley, who knows how to make birthdays count.



25 thoughts on “Happy Birfday to Moi

  1. Can I tell you how refreshing it is to kvetch about poems where no one tells you that you’re an ignoramus and should crawl back under your distinctly unpoetic rock to hide?

    Happy Birthday!

    • I would never call you an ignoramus about anything, indy, and you are an especial font of knowledge when it comes to wordcraft.

      And you’re preaching to the choir—I figured someone would have called me on my ignorance by now. And here you want me to expand my opportunities. 😉

  2. It’s your birfday, happy happy day! The flowers are glorious and don’t the soaps smell good enough to eat? (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

    Have a wonderful day, lil’ chickadee.

    • Thanks, Lyra!

      I’m planning on the fantastic time. But I didn’t say what I’ll be drinking six or seven of . . . 😉

      (I’ve missed you—are you back from vacation?)

  3. A slightly belated, but nevertheless heartfelt, Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like it had the makings of a wonderful day. (After all, you can’t go wrong when you start your day with hugs!)

  4. Glad you wrote something for your Birthday. I’ve been dinging myself all morning for not calling yesterday. I did send mental Happy Birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a great day. Don’t worry you will never achieve maturity–it’s a genetic thing. Both of your parents are ” growing up” challenged. Someday——-we may, but not likely. Love you .

    • You two are my role models, you know.

      Don’t worry about not calling—I wasn’t home (see? role model 😉 )

      Love you, too! See you Sunday/Monday!

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