Random Thursday: Random Americana

Since the Fourth of July is a fairly important holiday in our part of the world, I thought I’d celebrate with an assortment of things that strike me as having that good ‘ol USA . . . something—even if I swiped at least one of them from the UK

But that’s pretty much S(US)OP anyway, so there you go.


What is more Patriotic

than a Fourth of July Firework Tiara?

Firework Tiara

Jane wore this to see fireworks last night.

I swear, this kid can make anything out of those things that aren’t called pipe cleaners anymore because no one born after 2001 knows the true origins of those, and I quote, “fuzzy craft wires.”

I wonder if she can fix Rocinante’s driver’s side mirror with those things?  ‘Cause my duct tape skillz aren’t really up to the challenge . . .


Time Suck is Money


What is more American than an epic currency converter and the subsequent depression over how wretchedly few Red Dwarf dollarpounds or Wizardly Galleons our  US dollars are worth these days?

Sci Fi Currency Converter by Money In Advance

Then again, if I could pay my kids’ tuition in Simoleons, we’d be sitting pretty . . . 




That is all.


Only in America . . . 

 . . . would a guy calling himself The Unipiper ride around on a unicycle dressed as a dragon, playing the theme to Game of Thrones  on a tricked-out set of flame-throwing bagpipes.

Not quite the national anthem . . . but it doesn’t really have to be.


I’m Batbalm

Can’t get more American than the blatant commercial exploitation of licensed trademark recognition, amiright?

Bat Balm

And yes, of course,  I specifically drove over to the nearest Hot Topic to buy my own.

But they were already sold out.


Only in America, Too

I present to you that most American of combinations:
John Philip Sousa, Johnny Carson, and . . .  well . . .

Not quite the national anthem, either . . . but I regret nothing.

Have a great Fourth of July, even if it’s just, you know, the fourth of July.