Random Thursday: Small, Disturbing Things

It’s been kind of a weird week, y’all . . . 


The Strange Occurrence of the Tea Party in The Daytime

I came home from work the other day, walked into the dining room and said, “Oh, the table is clean!  And you’re having a tea party!  How fun is that?”

“Mom?” Janie asked from the living room couch.  “Who’re you talking to?”

I looked again.

Dinner Party3

“Um.  Sunny’s doll,” I said, with as much dignity as I could muster.

“Okaaay,” Janie said, going back to her book.  “As long as you aren’t talking to the skunk.”

In my defense, Eleanor looks an awful lot like Sunny:

Dinner Party2

But I’ll admit that Violet doesn’t look much like anyone but herself, even in her best dress and choker:

Dinner Party1

But you know the truly frightening thing?

I probably would have talked to them anyway.


The Goats

The first time you watch this, it’s adorable.

The second time, it’s like Hitchcock’s The Birds, except cuter, softer. . . and baby goatier.


Who Whew!

My husband says this isn’t funny, because no one could possibly be afraid of David Tennant.

I’m not sure he understands how frightened I can be, given the proper motivation.


Hitting (the Keys) a Little Close to Home

This is strangely familiar . . .

Very strangely . . .

(Kate Miller-Heidke also wrote two of my favorite songs:  God’s Gift to Women and The Facebook Song*—see what you think)


* Not Safe for Work or Children Likely to Gleefully Repeat Certain Words in Front of Your MIL.