The Five Minute Post

The title is a lie; I have no post today.

What I do have is a trip to the Midwest Writing Workshop in two days; a suitcase half-packed mostly of separation-anxious cat and the odd stuff Sunny thinks I should bring so I don’t forget her (which could be a post in itself); a query to finalize and print; a pitch to figure out; a decision to make about printing off extra Pigeons pages just in case (good strategy or naive optimism? Discuss); directions to finalize; a workshop schedule to devise; a car that desperately needs an oil change before I go; purple nail polish to obsess about ; a stomach full of pre-workshop anticipation-butterflies; laundry to do; and hair to pull out.

Oh, and a photo of a heart-shaped fish stick that showed up on Janie’s plate last night. I was saving it for Thursday, but oh, well.


Heart Fish2

I’ll do better tomorrow. Probably.

Photo credit: Watson