The Five Minute Post

The title is a lie; I have no post today.

What I do have is a trip to the Midwest Writing Workshop in two days; a suitcase half-packed mostly of separation-anxious cat and the odd stuff Sunny thinks I should bring so I don’t forget her (which could be a post in itself); a query to finalize and print; a pitch to figure out; a decision to make about printing off extra Pigeons pages just in case (good strategy or naive optimism? Discuss); directions to finalize; a workshop schedule to devise; a car that desperately needs an oil change before I go; purple nail polish to obsess about ; a stomach full of pre-workshop anticipation-butterflies; laundry to do; and hair to pull out.

Oh, and a photo of a heart-shaped fish stick that showed up on Janie’s plate last night. I was saving it for Thursday, but oh, well.


Heart Fish2

I’ll do better tomorrow. Probably.

Photo credit: Watson


10 thoughts on “The Five Minute Post

  1. Have a great time and do it!
    I don’t know if this is relevant, but I was coaching a 21-year old (accidentally, long story) about how to be more assertive as she was doing my hair. Yeah, that’s how I roll. Anyway, I’ve found there are times that it is very difficult to be confident and I’ve found that if you picture someone you find to have extreme confidence, anyone from your Aunt Gertie to Linda Hamilton in the Terminator (although I’m totally picturing River Song for you. You cannot go wrong with Alex Kingston), it may break the nervousness in your head when you’re pitching to someone that either makes you nervous or you don’t know or any combination therein. Just take a second, imagine how River would stand, speak, and then do what you need to do. Maybe avoid the Hello Sweetie, but you never know!

    • That’s not a bad idea, Lyra . . . thanks.

      Though I think I’ll leave the weaponry at home. 😉

      But I’m totally going to say, “Spoilers!” in the middle of the pitch! 😀

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