Something Obvious

My ten-year old wanted to know why the women in this video had to hold up signs to prove that they were Real Geeks™.

“They’re actually saying that they don’t have to prove it,” I said.  “To anyone.”


I explained.

“Boys really think that way?”

“Some do,” I said.  “Some men, too. And  some women think people call themselves geeks just to get attention.”

“And they think we’re dumb?”

“‘Fraid so.”

“Well,” she said, powering up her tricked out fighter jet on Notebook Wars 3,  “their loss.”

One thought on “Something Obvious

  1. We had a similar experience yesterday while watching the Christopher Reeve 1978 Superman. It was the scene where Marlon Brando and his on-screen wife are about to send baby superman into space. My daughter asked, “Why is Superman’s dad so old and his wife so young? He looks like Superman’s grandpa, not his dad.”

    I loved that she took notice, but felt a heavy sigh knowing that as she gets older, such oddities won’t even register.

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