Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Plausible Gullibility)

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Now that it’s August—already?—I’m moving back to more snippets from Full Metal Librarian.

When last we left them, librarians Clyota and Charlie, and Pressman Reynard were consulting with Clyota’s lawyer Samantha, who will be defending Clyota on the murder charge.

Samantha, because she’s a good lawyer, is amazed that Clyota is out on bail and figures there’s more to the story than what she’d been told . . .

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“I’m surprised Judge Iron-Drawers unbent enough to view the data before the trial—he’s one cold, letter-of-the-law judiciary,” Samantha said.

“Curiosity,” said Reynard, “is a great prioritizer of principles.”

“Well, I guess.”  Samantha scribbled something on a pad, tore off the note, and stuck it to her terminal.  “So,” she said, “I get why this Anderson-Smith is the most likely suspect for the Strapton-Hardcastle murder, but what’s his motivation—what’s in the lockbox?  And don’t tell me he’s a rabid collector of Moonshot memorabilia, because while I am a defense lawyer and therefore believe you implicitly, you aren’t paying me enough to be that gullible.”

Charlie and Reynard looked at me.  I suppressed the urge to squirm.


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