Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Principled Curiosity)

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This week’s passage took a little more editing that usual—I’ve always taken the opportunity to change things that I note as I search for Sunday snippets, but The bit following last week’s was a mess.  It was pedantic, repetitive, and a tad too unethical on Samantha’s part—it’s like she didn’t know any more about the law than I do, for heaven sakes, when she’d better sound like she knows more, or we’re all doomed.

I ended up swapping passages, took out sentences, put in sentences, and tightened my speech taggery.

And then I loaded the scene back into the MS before I pasted eight of those sentences here.

So if anyone thinks that all WeWriWa and Snippet Sunday provides is the opportunity to brag, you’re wrong.  It does the ego good, sure, and keeps the interest levels up in both one’s own work and other people’s (my Must Read list has quadrupled along the way) . . . but it also does the writing some good, too.

Just sayin’

Regardless, this bit comes right after last week’s, when lawyer Samantha asked Clyota about the contents of that pesky lockbox:


“Hold on,” Samantha said, holding up a hand. “Before I allow my curiosity to overcome my principles, I should remind you that I’m an officer of the Court, which means if I conceal any crime, either directly or by omission, I’ll lose my license and standing—you’re not paying me enough for that, either. So you need to decide how much about this mystery you want me reporting to the Powers that Be.”

I studied her for a moment, an idea tickling the back of my mind.

“But that aside,” she said, “Attorney-Client Privilege says I can’t repeat what you tell me, unless you want me to. And while it’s all well and good there’s another suspect—and that a high-ranked member of the Press is a witness—unless we can prove why Anderson-Smith wants this property enough to kill for it, we run the risk of the prosecution convincing the Jury, not to mention Rapton-Fitzgerald, that you killed your mother’s boyfriend for some deep, dark psychological reasons. And I don’t do insanity defenses.

“Plus,” she added, with a wide smile that displayed blinding white teeth against lovely sienna skin, “I really want to know.”