Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (All’s Fair)

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The kids are in finally in school!  I had the first two days off and I so wanted to celebrate by writing pages and pages, and mostly I just took naps and more naps.

Oh, well.

I did manage to work a bit on my new projects and managed to choose the next eight from FML.  I’m skipping ahead a bit from last week, because spoilers spoil stuff, but it’s actually not a bad transition:


Three more rescheduled appointments and a vast array of delivered Chinese food later, the tale was told.

“My God,” said Samantha, who had long abandoned her desk to pace up and down the room to listen to selected entries from the data pocket. We’d used Reynard’s recording, audio only, though Samantha assured us that her terminal was secure.

“Gladstone-Klein has had a week to find out that you’re Clyota’s lawyer,” Charlie had said. “I’m surprised they didn’t bug your offices.”

Samantha had frowned. “Routine sweeps found several over the past few days. But I haven’t given it much thought—there are a few high-profile divorces going on and all’s fair in love and property division.”