Random Thursday: Assorted Geekery

Okay, yeah, it’s usually pretty geektastic around here.

But today I made an effort.

Sort of.


I Vote for “Emergency Backup Earth”

Because spares are looking more and more like a good idea.


Sons of Poetry

In which Robert Browning gets pwnd.

Honestly?  I almost wish it had happened this way . . .


SketchEmily Reading Defenses

Think before you yank a reader out of a  book—

mental decompression sickness hurts.

Especially if we smack you upside the head with a hardback.


It’s Not Easy Being Dueling Banjos

Or keeping up with Kermit.

Unless you’re Steve Martin.


Police Geeks

If you need me, I’ll be in the ditch over there, waiting for a tow and giggling.


 Badass Librarians are Badass

Like we even needed to be told.

I don’t necessarily approve of their methods—but their closure rate is undeniable.

(a lot of you sent me this—thank you!)