Random Thursday: Assorted Geekery

Okay, yeah, it’s usually pretty geektastic around here.

But today I made an effort.

Sort of.


I Vote for “Emergency Backup Earth”

Because spares are looking more and more like a good idea.


Sons of Poetry

In which Robert Browning gets pwnd.

Honestly?  I almost wish it had happened this way . . .


SketchEmily Reading Defenses

Think before you yank a reader out of a  book—

mental decompression sickness hurts.

Especially if we smack you upside the head with a hardback.


It’s Not Easy Being Dueling Banjos

Or keeping up with Kermit.

Unless you’re Steve Martin.


Police Geeks

If you need me, I’ll be in the ditch over there, waiting for a tow and giggling.


 Badass Librarians are Badass

Like we even needed to be told.

I don’t necessarily approve of their methods—but their closure rate is undeniable.

(a lot of you sent me this—thank you!)

16 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Assorted Geekery

  1. The reading postures chart could save lives! I’m usually so engrossed I don’t notice when someone talks to me.
    Steve Martin was the best concert of the year for me last year.

    • You aren’t kidding. It always takes me a minute to switch gears when I’m reading . . .

      You saw Steve Martin in concert?! Did I forget you mentioned that? Lucky!!

  2. I saw Steve Martin and Edie Brickell a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. Seriously amazing. Who knew. Well, I guess Kermit did.

  3. It’s true that the best geekery shows up on Thursdays around here, but I’m sure there have been equally geeky Thursdays. Your recent superhero themed one was epically geek-tastic. I think this is just quality material–that reader-intensity guide is necessary. Jon has learned the hard way. Sometimes you just can’t get me back until the chapter ends. 🙂

    • Well . . . who doesn’t love superheroes? 😀

      I think the Reader Intensity Guide should be posted in bookstores and libraries—maybe warning stickers on the books, too?

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