Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Intentions)

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Is it Sunday already?  Wow.

Anyone remember Cristina from several chapters ago?  She’s Clyota’s best friend and Samantha’s paralegal, which—as you’d know if I’d posted that bit from chapter six—is how Clyota managed to score a place on Sam’s client list.  And why she’s showing up this Sunday, as all those subpoenas don’t write up themselves.

It should be mentioned that Cristina might also be a little ticked off about not knowing what’s been going on with her friend for half the book.

But Charlie, as always, has Cly’s back.

So to speak.


“Your full name, marital status, and intentions toward my former best friend?”

I groaned.  “Christina, we don’t have time for—”

But Charlie had risen and snapped to attention, as if Christina was the President of the ALA.  “Ma’am, Charles Robert Boyer-Ray, Ma’am.  I am not contracted for partnership, at this time, but if the trial goes well, I intend to marry your former best friend this Saturday. Ma’am.”  He picked up Christina’s shock-limp hand, shook it gently, and sat back down.

Yeah . . . it was a surprise to Clyota, too.