First Signs of Autumn

Outside my window

It rained all Sunday, Mother Nature paying what she owed us this Summer in a lump sum, rather than the bimonthly installments we would have preferred.

The temperature has dropped over the past few days—Nature giving us a heads-up on the rain delivery—so I put blankets into the dryer  for a few minutes last night and tucked the kids in toasty warm.

Sunny and Jane have been poring over a Halloween Costume catalog and begging for hot chocolate and popcorn and wigs and wings and Monster High heels.

And my mild sore throat, which I assumed was a combination of weather change and too much choir rehearsal yesterday morning, refused to be drowned by gallons of hot tea or soothed by an unscheduled afternoon nap.  Instead, it’s spread its prickly warmth to my upper chest, started aches into my muscles, and produced sneezes that give me chills—also signs of Autumn.

The confused trees outside my window haven’t changed much, yet, but the cat has, pulling his furry, inkblot self into a primly wrapped knot and sneaking under the covers to purr against my tummy as I stay home from work with a box of tissues and a mug of warm soup.

Because I’ve never mastered the art of typing while laying down, I’ve tucked a legal pad and a pen under my pillow—a sign of baseless optimism that I might work a little this afternoon, until the kids get home from school.

See you tomorrow.

What are your signs?

11 thoughts on “First Signs of Autumn

    • You can have some of ours, Dee, if i can figure out how to shoo it over.

      We have students, too. Most of them seem to be spendng their time crossing the street against the lights while talking on their phones or texting. Darwin would probably approve.

    • I slept six hours on the legal pad, and had a Charlie and Lola marathon with Sunny when she came home (Jane had a volleyball game).

      But I do feel better now. Or at least more awake, which is half the battle, right?

  1. I feel for you in the sore throat-prickly-spreading-icky department. I nursed a sign of Autumn for two weeks. I’m glad you took the day to get some rest. And hey, even if you don’t get any actual writing done, the pad and pen under your pillow may inspire a fantastic scene!

    Signs of autumn: leaves have started their whirly dance around my car, I’m anxious for time in a cabin in the woods and I’m craving scary movies daily. 🙂

    Thanks for a lovely post, Sarah. I want to curl up now. Not conducive at work!

    • No writing, but I slept in for about six hours and went to bed right after the kids did—felt wonderful. I’m not 100%, but close enough to go back to work today.

      Curl up when you can, Lisa! Teachers need all hte rest they can get!

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