Random Thursday: The Cutest Widdle Pirates

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ye might think that this’d make t’day’s post a wee bit less random than yer usta. 

Wait and see, me hearties.  Wait . . .and see.


Polly Want a Power Converter?

photo (3)


The Pirates . . . Who Don’t Do Anything

(via Janie, that scurvyless scalawag)


Organic Chocolates

Organic Chocolates

Visual Anatomy Limited also sells chocolate body parts onna stick.

Dibs on the pancreas!

(shamelessly pirated from The Mary Sue—arrgh!)


Yes.  All of it.   Here.

photo (2)


Best.  Pirate Entrance.  Ever.

Aye, sailed off with the whole picture, too, he did.

Shame about the sequels . . .


Because Turtles are Apparently a Thing Here, Now?  



(via Watson, who found a lot of this pirate stuff with disturbing ease)


Yes.  All of it.  Here.


This man shivers my timbers.  Just sayin’


Use Your Buccaneers

And have a listen.

Don’t keep it under your Buccanhat, neither—sing along!



18 thoughts on “Random Thursday: The Cutest Widdle Pirates

  1. My sons, now 21 and 18, can still quote, with voices and inflection, the entire Veggietales “Pirates” number. Somehow, it also found it’s way onto my mp3 player.
    “You look like Cap’n Crunch”

  2. I want your PIRATE TURTLE! Cute post. I’m alive and blogging again after taking a summer hiatus and permanent Facebook/Twitter hiatus. Hope all is well. Miss you and the other WWW.

      • Oh, I miss you!! I missed reading your fantastic creative writing. Gawd. I was worried that many WWW would be mad that I stopped participating & deleting FB WITHOUT giving a generous and honest explanation. Basically, I needed to um…garden. Hugs!!

    • Well . . . In their natural habitats, veggies don’t do much. So even watching TV is a big step.

      Plus, this is only part of an episode that, I think, explains why sitting around doing nothing isn’t the best choice, so there ya go.

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