Random Thursday: Random Ways to Avoid Writing

It’s Thursday!  It’s Random!  It’s Random Thursday.

C’mon people—that time won’t waste itself!


Watch this again


And maybe again.

Frame by frame. Line by quotable line.

Just to see if it’s possible to pick up any clues about Coulson’s mysterious revival,
other than its obvious lack of Tahiti.

Or what exactly Fitz and Simmons  are actually saying.

Or where and when J. August Richards got those shoulders?

Or to invent a new drinking game involving the SHIELD symbol, which is on a surprising number of items,
considering it belongs to a top secret organization.

Discuss.  At length.


Get a New Tattoo

This is sort of writing,
’cause I tried it with a Sharpie yesterday.

Hand Trampoline

Works in boring staff meetings, too—or so I imagine.



Get Your MARVELous Nails Done

Hard to write with wet nails . . .  Or  while holding your hands together like that . . .


Or watching the how-to video . . .

Or deploring/defending/contemplating one’s levels of sheer geekiness . . .


Take a Nap


Or as we like to call it, “refilling the well.”


Do a Little Housewo—Clean the—Pick up the—

No, no, sorry . . . can’t even type it with a straight face.

Never mind.


Search for ‘braaaanes

Or at least the ones in which you’ve already written your book.

And it’s good.


14 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Random Ways to Avoid Writing

  1. I love those nails! Unfortunately I have short, typing all day nails, but for the Hulk?? Maybe I could try it anyway.
    After I read your post the other day, I had to text my husband to record it because I didn’t get in the door until 7pm. I tried to watch it last night, but as my husband was going to bed early (why doesn’t he ever get anxiety-induced insomnia??) and gave me that you-can’t-watch-it-without-me-look, I was SOL.
    I cannot wait. I hope it’s as good as I want it to be…I also hope it’s okay for my 8 year old. He’s dying to see it but I told him I had to watch it first… I don’t have high hopes for the poor boy.

    • Let me know what you think, Lyra!

      Sunny wanted to see it, too, but I think she thought it would be like the Super Hero Squad, with actual superheroes. This show does real have the supers, but it does have a lot of fast-paced dialogue that might be pretty boring to a 6-year-old. There are a few scenes that would upset her a bit, too.

      Luckily, I”m not six, so I loved it. 🙂

  2. I think my favorite moment was when the security drone told them all to “say cheese”. Don’t think I could ever get things slowed down enough to understand all of Fitz/Simmons conversation. And upon second watching, I kind of get the feeling that Coulson knows it wasn’t Tahiti.
    The housework comic… how did you know the story of my life?

    • I missed the drone—how did I miss the drone?

      I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to understand it all, but I’m waiting patiently for the captions on the DVD collection, anyway.

      Coulson must know it isn’t Tahiti—he’s Coulson, and a Coulson who can be fooled . . . is not Coulson.

      I’m starting to suspect that we have the same basic story, Dee. 😀

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