Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (No . . . )

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Starting a few paragraphs down from last week, Viv gets an unexpected phone call from her mother:

Cookie Crisp cereal from the side

Vivian Leigh Mitchell, you are on your way to The Elegant Crumb, right?”

Viv swallowed. “No, I’m in my kitchen having Honey Fros—having breakf—having an early lunch.”

“No, you’re meeting Kirsten and David for their wedding cake tasting.”

She set down her spoon.  “The tasting is next week.”

It’s today.”

“It can’t be today.“  


Poor Viv isn’t having the best morning . . .

It was difficult to choose eight sentences this week.  I’d chose a snippet, decide to edit it a little and end up adding new stuff that improved it, but also made the potential passage just a little too long.

I know, I know—rough problem to have.  But I really wanted to share the bit about Uncle Josh’s food allergies to see if it was funny, or just morbid.  Then again, if I have to ask . . .

And no, I have no idea why most of my snippets have centered around food lately.  Weird.

41 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (No . . . )

    • I’m practicing torturing my characters on page and indulging my love of slapstick, Angela. 😀

      Mostly, I think she was going to eat the whole box of cereal . . . 😉

  1. Great use of the eights. I can relate to not wanting to confess what I’m eating as well as not always knowing ‘when’ I am with regard to days of the week. Very well done!

    • I have several guidelines for safe, peaceful living, and one of them is to never tell my mother I’m eating Honey Frosted Anything. 😉

      Whenever I can’t remember the day, I always assume it’s Thursday . . . 🙂

  2. Oh God, that is so me!!! I mess up my kids dentist all the time for some reason and it’s right on the calendar. Love the reality of this snippet and the whole mom using all three names thing. I purposely named my kids in a way it would rolled off the tongue well when I did it. 🙂 Great snippet!

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