Random Thursday: Mixed Media

It’s Random! It’s Thursday! It’s Random Thursday!


The Ease of Access settings don’t cover this . . . 

Marvel Media

Clearly, Johnny Storm should lay off 4chan* and Wolverine needs to get a reliable Internet connection . . .


Fussy Librarian

There’s a squeaky-new, reader’s advisory out there for eBooks,
created by a team with a sense of humor.

You give the site your reading preferences and your eReader type(s) and it’ll send you daily e-mails with suggested titles, links to the purchasing site(s), and info on special eBook offers.

If you’re an author with reviewed eBooks on Amazon or B&N, you can submit your titles for extra PR—
at the moment, the site says that sponsorships are free if you help spread the word, though to help with site costs, they will eventually charge a fee that they swear won’t be extortionate (I’m paraphrasing).

I haven’t tried this, as I am a fussy librarian, it’s been up a total of maybe a day at this posting,
and I can’t find the charger to my Sony.

But if it works the way it’s supposed toit could benefit both the readers and writers among us.

If anyone tries it, please report back.
Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for my charger . . .


Why Sarah is online FAR too often . . .

Internet Tentacles

Metaphorically, of course.  With my brain.


Hey, Mike!

Are you still on deadline?

Click the image and try the fish.

Time Flies

No, no, don’t thank me.  Happy to help.


Job Security

The silver lining  of the Info Cloud

But y’all will still need librarians to find it for you,
interpret it,
cite it,
and help you print it out/save it to your flash drive.

Just sayin’.


This PSA has been rated R, for Samuel L. Jackson

I’m not joking about that.



*Because if it was porn, he wouldn’t be typing—right?


10 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Mixed Media

  1. I doubt I’m the Mike you are referring to (since I’m Steve) but I loooooved those Google thingamabobs.

    And anything with Samuel L. Jackon in it is always going to brighten my day.

    In short, you’ve made me love Thursdays. I thank you.

  2. My daughter was climbing a tree at her brother’s soccer practice the other day. She ignored every plea of mine to get down. After practice ended, the coach called everyone (including my daughter and all the parents) around for a quick huddle. He pointed to the tree and said no one was allowed to climb it and that if they did, they (or the sibling who plays soccer) would be fired on the spot. I felt so ineffective and unstable.

    Parents and responsibility. Talk about a tough topic for a soon to be rainy day.

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