Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (She Will)

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Viv is very sorry she didn’t check her messages last night before falling face-first into her pillow.  But she still doesn’t want to go to her sister’s rescheduled cake tasting.  At all.

Petit Fours

“Mom, we’re changing our entire operation software over in a week,” she added into the disapproving silence. “We were given one month to prepare and I’ve been working eighteen hour days  fact-checking and doing rewrites on the manuals for every department. And it’s not like Kirsten and David need my help to taste cake.”

“Honey, you know your sister.”

She did.

“And you said you’d do it.”

She had.   “I know, but—”


Family, amiright?

Personally, I’ve never passed up an opportunity to attend a cake tasting in my life and I’m not planning to start anytime soon, but I can understand Viv’s reluctance.

But I’m not sure of my facts in the first two sentences—Viv is most likely a technical writer for a company, because I think she’s the kind of practical person who can cut to the chase, break things down, and lay them out.   But as I’m neither a technical writer or a practical person, I only guessed that new operating software might throw her department into a tailspin—it sure did a number on our library last year.

If there are any technical writers out there, can I please beg for your expertise?  What kind of project would overload you for a couple of weeks?


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42 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (She Will)

  1. The technical writing aspect sounded right to me. You shared enough to have knowledgeable peeps nod and techno challenged cringe at the task and move on. Well done.

  2. It’s scenes like this that make me glad I’m an only child.

    BTW, if you post a reminder to me in Sunday Snippets I can ask a friend about that first bit later. He’s not a morning person and isn’t online yet.

    • Thanks, Karen! You know, I thought I’d stop having these kinds of exchanges with my parents, but I’m forty-cough, and I’m still having them . . . 😉

  3. They sound right to me too. I did technical writing for a while and went through one of those updates. I think you’re just fine.

    Viv must be exhausted. I feel for her.

  4. I’d have to be *extremely* busy to pass up a cake tasting! 🙂
    But, as others have said, a sw update would do it. When I was still at the EDJ, any new system or procedure created more work for anyone even remotely associated.
    Cool snippet–now I want cake . . .

    • I’m not sure I could be that busy, Charley . . . 😀

      The consensus so far is that this seems to be plausible—good! Thanks!

      ( I went out and bought petit fours for my short story group tomorrow morning because of that image—I’m doing this stuff to myself, now)

  5. Any big software change never goes smoothly – I think it’s a law of the Universe probably LOL. So that part feels right! Enjoying this story and today’s was another excellent excerpt!

  6. I think part of the problem is that the problems the user is likely to have never occur to the technical writer because it’s so obvious to them. Like the time I was trying to figure out how to draw a straight line in a drawing program. NOTHING in the index.

    • I think you’re right Sue Ann. All the reference librarians were just trained to compile record sets, and tech services finally had to do a sort of Ikea diagram thing for me, because the names of the function keys meant nothing to us. And we’re fairly intelligent people, collectively.

  7. Great snippet. Love the dialogue. Pretty cake! And yes, frankly any project can through you into a tailspin. Technical writing, especially last minute changes, are a nightmare for everyone.

    • Thanks, Anne! I know about last minute changes to grants, but not this stuff, so I’m glad it seem plausible.

      And I’ve been craving those little icing roses all day . . .

  8. Hubby’s a DBA for state systems, so while I personally don’t do anything with software changes, etc. I hear all about them, and have for years : )…software changes can be huge and create lots of havoc. This felt appropriate to me, and the technical writer would likely have hours and hours of changes to make as well as a ton of testing and problem solving to perform. Depending on the size of her department, it is not unreasonable that she’s been putting in those crazy number of hours. A month to prep may possibly be on the short side, depending on the procedures being performed by the software and the companies workload. So, sounds like you did a great job estimating to me, seemed very believable.

  9. So her sister rescheduled and this in now Viv’s fault? Yikes, sounds like the sister’s demanding and Mom only backs her up–not Viv. On the other hand… free cake.

    • Well . . . not her fault, but that’s not really going to help get her out of it.

      And yeah, so far, that seems to be the dynamic. We’ll see how it goes . . .

      I’m not sure Viv would consider it free! 🙂

  10. I’m torn. I have a huge deadline and if that was me I wouldn’t want to go either, but how the heck can ANYONE say no to a cake tasting? LOL! *head down and back to work*

    • I think it’s more like, how can anyone say no to Viv’s mother. As far as my head canon goes, it has never been successfully done. 😀

      Good luck on the deadline, Sarah!

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