Nanowrimo: Yesno?

Nanowrimo Crest

What do you mean, National Novel Writing Month starts this Friday?!

I knew it was coming up, because of the e-mails and because Alexandra Sokoloff has been posting her excellent Nanowrimo prep-work articles all month (start here), and because I did notice that it’s October—the kids have made it hyperactively clear that Halloween is imminent—and I do know that November follows October . . . but I guess I didn’t realize it would be following so quickly this year.

I’ve done some prep-work—Alex is inspiring that way, and heaven knows it couldn’t hurt, regardless—but I’m not sure I’m going to sign up this year.  Time is even tighter than usual for several reasons and I’m already in the middle of a fun writing project.  I’m not sure if I want to rush it through, but stopping for a month to pick up something else sounds like an even worse idea.

Maybe I’ll do an unofficial, unregistered half-Nano . . . 830ish words a day sounds a lot more doable.

However, for all of you who are committed to or considering taking the pledge to write 50,000 words in 30 days—or for those of you who are committed to writing something this month, or even those who plan to take it easy and get through your reading pile, or at least catch up on Agents of Shield or Game of Thrones or Doctor Who or whatever’s clogging up your DVR*—here’s a handy-dandy chart to help you work out a superquick outline of elements for your story, and/or analyze the heck out of whatever you’re reading or watching.

If you don’t end up poring over every single square for an hour or two . . .

(Click the image to get to an image you can enlarge. I hope)

 Seriously–anyone interested in that half-Nano thing?


*Or for those of you who landed here because you’re studying Alistair MacLeod’s “In the Fall“—as several of you apparently are—and either think this blog is a legit source or were told to find five dubious Internet sources.  Either way, thanks for the extra stats!


18 thoughts on “Nanowrimo: Yesno?

  1. A couple years ago, I did my version of a half nano. And another year I wrote a poem a day. For two weeks.

    I might, might!, configure some kind of revising every day thing. But I make no promises.

    And I refuse to look at the image because I have work to finish today. Thank you very much.

        • Hm. Revismo. 1 chap per day? (Chapter! Not British young men!) But what about Thanksgiving and my two sisters and attendant family, not to mention friends, who will be descending upon My House. Hm. Hm.

        • I think you’re underestimating your fortitude and sense of responsibility.

          And you didn’t miss anything—they’re showing the pilot tonight and the weird floating body ep next week.

          Daily young British men would be a completely different sort of pledge . . . Sorry, what were we talking about?

          Revismo would help you hide from your family, if need be. So there’s that.

        • There is no hiding from your family when they are in the house and there to visit you. “Wait, I have to go revise my memoir that may or may not mention you,” won’t really fly. My sisters (Cougar, alas, will not be there) are wily.

          And, tee hee.

  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing, if I’m going to try this again this year. I’ve tried twice so far and never even come close to the 50K, and now I have a nearly 1 year old child to distract me, on top of everything else. Soooo… I dunno.

    • Last year, I ended up finishing, but actually wrote two different stories. It was weird.

      So I thought maybe just do half the wordcount and stick to one story? It could happen . . .

      You know, there really ought to be Nanoplaydates and Nanocare available . . . 😀

  3. I’m trying NaNoWriMo for the first time, and am excited and terrified. We’ll see how it works–November is usually a pretty busy month for me, holiday and visiting-people-wise.

    But what’s the worst that can happen?

    • Once you hit the zone, it’s an amazing experience, Caitlin—it’s like channeling pure imagination without your inner critic to spoil things.

      Worst that could happen, you get a few thousand words down and a slight case of the guilts. But that’s pretty much my writing process anyway, so whatever. 😀

      But my family needs me a little more present at the moment, so I think I’d better avoid the 24/7 Zone this year!

  4. I was considering it, actually, but really I think I may just spend the month drafting an outline for the next book. I have a pretty good idea what I’d like to write but I’m not quite at the point of putting any words down. The story needs to percolate. Is there a NaNoPercMo?

  5. OK, that periodic table geeked me out. Even though I’m noodling around with a novel, I will be in PiBoIdMo Mode this month. I will also be taking a very active role in ShSaGiThLiMyLiDeOnIt (Shill “Sarah Gives Thanks” Like My Life Depends On It).

    Good luck with your Half-NaNo — or whatever you decide to do!

    • It’s good isn’t it? I’m tempted to pick some squares at random and let ‘er rip. 😀

      May I request more Cuddles and Claude ideas? Sunny loves your Halloween story.

      If there’s anything I can do for ShSaGiThLiMyLiDeOnIt, let me know!

      • Sunny and I must be communicating telepathically, because I have been thinking the same thing about Claude and Cuddles. Do tell her that her message has been received loud and clear.

        And as for ShSaGiThLiMyLiDeOnIt, I would be more than happy (and most grateful) to do anything that suits you.

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