Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti -Cupids (Giving Him the Raspberry)

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Introducing David the Codependent Groom, ladies and gentlemen, who is perhaps understandably confused at being asked, by Viv, for his own personal opinion about which cake flavor he likes best:

English: Raspberries Français : Framboises Deu...

“I don’t mind raspberries, if that’s what you want,” David said quickly.

“You hate raspberries,” said Jack, because enough was enough. “Remember the time the kid at YumGurt accidentally gave you a raspberry smoothie instead of strawberry?”

“Tossed his cookies?” Viv asked.

“And his shoes.”

“I only have to take one bite,” said David, looking more than willing to choke down a bushel if Kirsten said the word. “I’ll live.”


This was a fun scene to write—finding out that I’m not too sophisticated for bodily function humor has been artistically freeing in so many ways . . .

If any of you dropped by on Monday (go have a look, there’s a cool periodical chart of storytelling elements), I’ve decided to forge ahead with that unofficial half-Nano this month, which breaks down in 807 word a day, more or less, and adds up to a bit more family time than I managed last year.  Plus, I’d kind of like to avoid scribbling words on a damp legal pad  with one hand, while the other gropes inside a barely-thawed turkey for the half-frozen giblet-bag.

I mean, dedication is swell, but the swelling sort of went down after that.

Must’ve been the cold . . .