Random Thursday: The Sleep Deprivation and Goin’ on Vacation Edition

This is what Random Thursday is like when my six-year old decides to react to the new house rule that children cannot crawl into bed with us until one of our alarm clocks go off  by waking up at 2am Wednesday morning and asking us for the time every five minutes/pleading to be allowed to hug people who love her/throwing a screaming tantrum, until six am.*

I caught up on some sleep last night, but my deficit was pretty high to begin with—which is why the new house rule was passed in the first place.

Co-incidentally, I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for a long weekend with my friends Grace and Cha-Cha to a cabin about an hour away [Insert Cabin in the Woods jokes here].  I was planning to take a stack of DVDs, my half-nano-WIP, the first three books from my To-Be-Read stack, and a crockpot full of raw turkey.**

Now, I’m planning to take my WIP and my pillow.

The cabin doesn’t have WiFi, so I’m going to be offline—or smartphoning it in—until Monday afternoon.

So I’m not ignoring you, I’m just too dumb sleep deprived to work my phone.

Have some random:


It’s all Greek to Us

But Watson and I really, really want this to be true:

It's all Greek


What IS the Queen of the Know Universe wearing today?

Or Wonderwoman

Watson said she’d wear her Wonder Woman costume.

I think I’d be wearing my flannel jammies with a full coffee cup in one hand and a highlighted copy of the NYT Bestseller list in the other.

Vintage Writer

Or maybe a deerstalker?

Or maybe one of these (depending on the series, of course):

Stark Trek



Teddy Bear the Talking Porcupine Discusses His Plans to Stimulate the Agricultural Economy

He’s surprisingly affable for such a prickly guy.


Potatoes Diana

Potatoes Diana

So . . . would this be considered a tuber top?


Nanowrimo Song

A friend sent me this and suggested adding lines about kids pounding on the door asking for clean underwear.

But if I were to do a parent’s version, it would probably go like this, in quick succession:

Kids:  “We’re bored!”

Me: “I’m writing!”

Kids: “We want a snack!”

Me: “I’m writing!”

Kids: “She hit me!  She called me stupid!”

Me: “I’m writing!”

Kids: “There’s nothing to dooooo!”

Me: “I’m writing!”

Kids: “We’re calling Child Services!”

Me: “I’m wri—where is your father?”

And this is why I’m going away for the weekend . . . 


*Let it be noted, that I gave up on sleep around 4:30am and had Tylenol for breakfast.  Needless to say, by mid-afternoon, I was  a librarian who couldn’t tell you her own name, what those thingies are that the books are stored on, or spell the city she worked for.  It was surreal.

*Never mind why.