Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti -Cupids (Buckets of Love)

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This Wewriwa was pre-recorded, as I am currently in WiFi-less seclusion with a few good friends watching movies, overeating, and napping writing up a storm, so I’ll have something to post on Sundays.

These eight sentences follow immediately after last week’s, when we found out that David hates raspberries only a little less than he loves Kirsten.  Which is to say, perhaps a little too much:

A plastic yellow bucket.

“That’s so sweet,” Kirsten said.  She cupped his cheek.   “But I couldn’t ask you to do that for me.”

David, predictably, went gooey. “You don’t have to ask—”

“Good,” Viv said, loudly, “because I’m not sure an upchucking groom is the symbol you want eternally representing your wedding.”

Kirsten wrinkled her nose and pulled away from David.  “Vi-iv.”


Kirsten totally deserved that.  Or will. Trust me.

I will try to get to everyone today (and post a link in the Snippet Facebook group—could someone help me out, if I haven’t managed?), but since my only commenting tools are a smartphone and clumsy thumbs, I’ll probably be playing catch-up tomorrow afternoon.