Random Thursday: In a GOOD way . . .

It’s Thursday.  Have some random.  In a good way


Subversive Cross Stitch

Julie Jackson sells eclectic, hilarious, and not-entirely-safe-for-work cross stitch patterns and kits on her website.

The story of how she came to sell these little nuggets of subversive stitchery is terrific and not a little empowering.

Not the boss crossstitch

She has a blog and holds sampler contests, and I think I may have found my spiritual home.

GenuisAtWork crossstitch

And look!  There’s a book , too—
you know, in case anyone wanted to get a blogger they know a token of subversive friendship,
and there weren’t any HobNobs handy . . . 

Subversive Crossstitch book

But remember, this site isn’t safe for work or small children—in a good way.

(Thanks, Watson!)



ASAPScience makes my brains hurt.

In a good way.

Didn’t you feel your brain stutter to a halt during the math bits?

I wonder if there’s a Third Brain that only goes in reverse . . .


Psst:  Hey, Lyra

unicornwish crossstitch

Thought of you.  In a good way.


Pöpcørn Shrəmp

My husband, Watson, and I were trying to explain the Swedish Chef to the kids last night at the dinner table,
and it kind of . . . got out of hand.  In a good way.
I do a pretty good Animal impression, if I do say so. . .

Regardless, I played a couple of  Chef videoes for the kids
and realized that we haven’t had nearly enough Muppets around here lately.

Or popcorn.

Or Gershon Kingsley music played on kitchen instruments.

So here you go:


12 thoughts on “Random Thursday: In a GOOD way . . .

  1. I’m a fan of ASAP Science. In fact, my little guy has made it his personal mission to memorize the Periodic Table Song. He’s about halfway there!

    And I would love to commission a cross stich of The Allegra Family Motto (written by my dear mother): “Don’t Be a Candy Ass”.

  2. Ha! I knew before I read it that you had picked that lovely cross stitch out for me. I need it as a mousepad for work…oh, the priceless expressions.

  3. I’ve got a 7 way tie for most loved muppet but the Swedish Chef and Beaker have always gone hand-in-hand in awesome land. And now I know you’ve got the same love and shared it with your family. Just the best.

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