Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Go Ahead–Bake My Day)

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This week’s eight is a couple paragraphs down from last week’s.  During those skipped paragraphs, Viv strong-armed convinced Bibi, the determined wedding cake consultant at The Elegant Crumb, into combining cake and filling flavors that both the bride and groom might be able to stomach.

Jack is impressed.


“Thank you,” said Viv. “While we’re waiting, please feel free to continue your fascinating discussion over the significance of pink sugar doves versus pink rhododendrons.” The sunglasses went back on.

Bibi didn’t frown—Jack thought she’d probably had something snipped to prevent the possibility—but the corners of her pink frosted lips twitched down. “They’re star clusters.”

Kirsten’s sister shrugged. “Not my problem.”

Jack didn’t know whether to salute or applaud, so he handed her the mocha sample tray.


I spent some time reading about wedding blunders and bloopers this week, trying to figure out what kind of problems Viv and Jack will be trying to fix over the next five months, and let me tell you, I’m so glad the only thing that happened to us—besides a pushy wedding photographer’s wife, whose fictionalized antics you will be seeing later—was my veil catching fire at the reception.  While I was wearing it.  Which won’t be happening to Kirsten.



45 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Go Ahead–Bake My Day)

    • Yep. the skirt of my dress knocked over a large urn of flowers, and I stepped back into the bridal party’s table to avoid the greenish water . . . and the candles on the table did the rest.

      Luckily, the person I was talking to saw it and patted it out immediately with a cloth napkin (I think). So no harm done!

    • It’s not the safest one to go with, Sarah—I recommend getting robbed by the florist, instead. 😀

      Most of the issues are going to be Kirsten’s fault, I think. We’ll see!

  1. I remember reading about your veil. Maybe it was years ago you posted about it now? Either way, that was just one more sign we’re distant kin. At least of the same tribe.

    I’ve been coming in and out on this snippets. But one thing remains the same. You’ve got such a talent for making people so real I question where I know them from. And your research shows in your details. Always authentic. Always spot on. This snippet did make my sweet tooth pang. And took me back a couple years. Ha! The things we torture ourselves with! 🙂

    • I think I blogged about it a few anniversaries ago, Lisa. And we’re definitely related somehow, if only by mutual adoption. ❤

      And again, you are too good for my ego. 😀

      Seriously—I know why weddings are so important, but they ought to be about the people, not the pageantry . . . right?

  2. Love how their personalities come out in your snippets and this is another fine example.
    Veil on fire! Yikes. That actually sounds like a good book title, lol. My maid of honor stopped a candle from falling over during our ceremony. luckily nothing caught on fire.

    • Veil on Fire: One Bride’s Journey? Yeah, that could work. 😀

      I wonder if candles are the real historical reasons for maids of honor? It seems far more likely (and far less skeevy) than potential kidnapping by the groomsmen . . .

  3. Cake my day? That’s a terrible pun–but it made me smile, so I guess that says something about my sense of humor, too. 🙂

    Love her forcing a reasonable compromise–it’s a good thing she made it there after all. The rhododendrons comment is kind of mean, though–she’s helped, now she’s bored and stirring up trouble. I can relate to that!

  4. Veil fires, there’s something one doesn’t hear about everyday. Since you’re still here to write about it, I assume everything turned out okay. Your snippet made me giggle. Great job!

  5. At a wedding at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church the bride arrived at the altar and fainted. She was revived with smelling salts. Her first comment upon regaining consciousness was a resounding, “Oh Shit!”

  6. I simply love reading your excerpts every week. I love Viv and Jack. They both make me smile and laugh. Great snippet. Psst. I want to be invited to their wedding! 🙂

  7. I enjoy enjoy the humorous tone you use in your writing. Funny how serious and dramatic most couples view the ceremony and fanfare, and how many of us laugh about it for years after. (Wow, a flaming veil!)

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