Half-Nano Update #3: Excuses, Excuses . . .

Couch Potato

Okay, okay, I confess.

After bragging last Tuesday about the word-surplus generated by my long weekend away, I’ve fallen behind on my Half-Nano goal this past week.

Like, by a couple thousand.

I’ve made notes, I’ve done a little research, but the actual writing down of new words on paper or pixels . . . not so much.

But I did find the time to jot down several excellent excuses reasons why I didn’t couldn’t find the time to write much else:

1. Things were busier at work than usual, so I spent my lunch hours librarianing,* instead of writing.

2. I helped transform the kid’s playroom from this:

Jane's Room Before 2

Into this, for Janie:**

Jane's Room After

We also cleared out the kids’ formerly-shared bedroom, which is currently being painted an interesting shade of Sunny’s Favorite Pink— about which more later—in the hopes that the children will be settled in their own rooms by Thanksgiving, so the living room won’t look like this when my parents arrive:

Living Room Mess2

3. I’m prepping to teach two lifesaving classes this week— this afternoon and next Monday—and the second one is the first time I’ve led a class instead of assisted, so I’m going over everything and hoping I don’t choke . . . at least, not until we get past that particular section.

4.There was a major sale at the bookstore, and I had a coupon. 

5.  Hey, did y’all see the last two episodes of Agents of SHIELD?  The series is getting pretty good.

6. Our church celebrated its 50th Anniversary yesterday, which took most of the afternoon and evening, and since the choir sits up front and the deacon has very sharp eyes, I wasn’t able to sneak in my notebook.

7.Watson bought the extended DVD of The Hobbit.

See? Not my fault.


O-kaaaay.  Fine.

Most of these wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t tripped over my inner critic—who somehow wriggled free from the handcuffs, peeled off the duct tape, and picked the deadbolt from the inside of her cell—and did a total faceplant into editing mode Wednesday evening.

I’ve been wrestling with Ms. Critic ever since, but I’m wondering at this point which one of us should be wearing the straightjacket—that’s a rhetorical question, by the way, thank you.

So this week’s Nanowrimo Learning Experiences™ are as follows:

1. Never stop to re-read, even to see what you named a new character

2. The DVDs and DVR recordings will still be there on the first of December.

3. People will never grab their coupons and hightail it to the bookstore to buy your novel if you don’t finish it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me—pun more or less intended—I have to go teach a lifesaving class and then resuscitate my Nano-goal . . .


*Yes, it’s a perfectly legitimate word and fun to say—spell check and Merriam-Webster can both take a hike.

**I did the clean up and heavy lifting (with the help of my husband) and Watson did the painting.